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The world’s best, fully featured, completely unlimited free DAW for all music creators.

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Take Your Ideas to the Professional Level

Waveform Free is unlike any other so called Free DAW – we fully acknowledge it has more capabilities than most enthusiast producers will ever need. There are no restrictions whatsoever – unlimited track count, add popular plugins and enjoy the deeply capable feature set. Once addicted we have a perfect selection of deep dive tools available in Waveform Pro to take you to the next level.

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Waveform Free

The perfect app to start your creative musical journey.

Waveform Pro

The full featured creative musical experience.

System Requirements

macOS 10.11 or Later


Windows 8 & 10


Tested on Ubuntu 18.04


Raspberry Pi 2, 3, 4


Raspbian 10 (Buster)

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Waveform Free

A full version Digital Audio Workstation Software. Free for all music creators. Get yours now. Let your sound be heard!

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