Tutorial Videos

Tutorial videos for Tracktion DAW and plugins.

Tracktion Certified Gurus

Bill Edstrom

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Bill is a long time member of the Tracktion Community. Watch his latest videos as he shows how you can use Waveform to accomplish various music creation tasks.

Zane Smith

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Zane is a professional broadcaster, a musician, and digital media creator. He has been working with digital audio production professionally for over 15 years. Zane started Simple Green Tech, a YouTube channel focused on helping content creators overcome tech and unleash their creativity.

Waveform Videos

Watch this space for new tutorial videos added over time.
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T4 Videos

T4 Tutorials

Our friends at Streamworks Audio (SWA) have done a brilliant series of detailed Tracktion tutorials. These were originally produced for T3 but updated where necessary for T4. We’ve posted the videos below for your convenience but also encourage you to visit SWA’s YouTube page to view all 15 editions and track your progress.


F.'em Videos

F.'em Tutorials

Explore the features of our F.’em synthesizer.

Plugin Videos

Master Mix Tutorials

Micro Synth Pack Tutorials

Abyss Videos

Abyss Tutorials

SpaceCraft Videos

SpaceCraft Tutorials

Patch Demos

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