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A new generation of software synth that combines the sounds of nature with a complex synthesis engine to create weird and wonderful organic soundscapes.

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BioTek User Story

Film Composer Christian Halten

Christian Halten’s work can be heard on soundtracks for “Catwoman,” “The Ring 2” and “Double Take” as well as documentaries and video games. Exploring new instrumental sounds is always his first step toward fresh material. Christian created the video above to introduce 40 new sounds he’s added to the BioTek library. For more visit:


BioTek User Story

Film Composer Jörg Hüttner

Hollywood composer Jörg Hüttner has worked on some of the biggest films released in recent years. These include “Independence Day: Resurgence”, “Fifty Shades of Grey”, “Total Recall” and many more. He demonstrates his use of BioTek to create complete arrangements. For more on Jorg, visit:

Complete Control

The latest version of the BioTek Organic Synthesizer features vast arrays of controls allowing you to tweak every parameter of each sound as desired. However, the large XY controller at the center of the main GUI or “Wild” layer gives the synth its most unique aspect – the ability to easily blend various patches into new sounds and morph them in real time. It’s extremely fun, creative and inspirational to use.

Creative Horsepower

Biotek features 4 oscillators per sound layer capable of creating multiple forms of synthesis: FM Synthesis, Virtual Analog, Sample Playback and Karplus-Strong. With unlimited sound layers per patch, you can create simple or extremely complex, expressive instruments.

A Breath of Life

Biotek takes modulation to the next level – it features 200 modulation routes and 32 modifier routes performing mathematical functions on the modulation sources. It also features 8 unique Flow LFOs, each with 8 individual parallel syncable sub LFOs on every sound layer. With so much routing available, it is possible to program “life”, an organic randomness, into your sounds.

Surgical Precision

Every parameter in Biotek’s engine can be quickly assigned to the stunning front panel macro controls, allowing users to completely build their own instruments, making the instrument perfect for studio or live performance.


BioTek User Story

Mark Mothersbaugh’s Mutato Muzika

Mutato Muzika is a full-service music production company established in 1989 by DEVO co-founder Mark Mothersbaugh. They have begun using BioTek as the ‘go to’ synthesizer when unique sound textures are needed for their many scoring projects. For more on Mutato Muzica, visit:

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Biotek Sound Designer Tutorial Videos

By Biotek Designer, Wolfram Franke

BioTek Design Team

For the creation of Tracktion’s first premium virtual instrument, we turned to two of the world’s most acclaimed synth and sound designers, Wolfram Franke and Taiho Yamada as well as graphic interface designer, Kristina Childs, who is accustomed to thinking outside the box. As you’ll see and hear, their BioTek Organic Synthesizer is delightful to use, inspirational to hear and entirely unique. To set BioTek apart from the status quo, a completely new set of sounds, modular controls and interaction algorithms were required. So, the Acktion Engine™, a fresh sampling and synthesis platform, was built from scratch. It powers BioTek and will provide the backbone for many new instruments to come.

“The creative sound possibilities within BioTek’s multi- instruments, with smooth and continuous morphing between wide ranging elements, form a synergistic whole. I find myself tempted to compose an entire piece using only one instance of BioTek.” – composer, Mike Wall

The Biotek Sample Library

To help set BioTek apart from the status quo, an entirely new collection of audio samples was required. Enter composer and engineer, Mike Wall.

BioTek’s natural and environmental sounds are samples from Mike’s collection spanning 20 years of field recording in Washington, Oregon, California, North Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona, and Hawaii, with a bit of Texas stirred in (for seasoning). For the industrial sounds, Mike did location recording at several manufacturing facilities near Seattle. Mike achieved exceptionally high resolution and low noise by utilizing various stereo microphones, hydro-phone rigs and digital recorders that are customized for intense field conditions. The samples were carefully looped and mastered for the Acktion Engine™. A lot of time, attention to detail and TLC went into preparing these samples – we’re sure you’ll enjoy them!

BioTek Demos

Awesome sounds from all around

BioTek will lead you down new paths and bring fresh inspiration when you need it most. Built on Acktion™ sampling and synthesis technology, an entirely new platform, BioTek doesn’t recycle or remix the same old sounds. Instead, all raw sounds are crafted by our designers then you have the ability to manipulate a wide range of parameters with BioTek’s unique interface. Have a listen to BioTek, the “Inspiration Engine.”


BioTek sound designer edition

BioTek SD introduces an entirely new synthesizer playground. Combining organic natural and environmental samples with a world class synthesis engine and inspirational user interface, inviting users to dig deep into the world of digital modular synthesis.

Featuring New Fully Accessible Controls for:

  • 4 virtual analog/sample playback oscillators
  • 4 operator FM synthesis (can use samples)
  • Sync, Ring Mod, PWM, waveshaping
  • 2 multimode filters in series with distortion and EQ
Filter Types: 4-pole & 2-pole LP, BP, HP, BS (Notch) 1-pole LP, HP Comb (Tuned Delay for Karplus Strong) Redux (SR, Bit Reducer)
  • 200 modulation routes, 32 modifier routes (performing mathematical functions on the modulation sources), assignable GUI macro controls
  • 8 Flow LFOs (each with 8 individual parallel syncable sub LFOs)
  • 4 effects in series
Effects Types: Reverb Delay Compressor/Limiter Distortion Chorus Flanger Phaser Redux
  • 4 envelopes (can be up to 32 stages with looping sustain and release sections, curvatures for each stage)
  • Sample import (Osc), MID file import (Arp)

* All above features are for a single sound layer (unlimited layers can be created for a single patch).

System Requirements

macOS 10.7.5 or Later

Intel Core 2 Duo 2GHz Processor

2GB RAM (4GB Recommended)

Windows 7,8,10

Intel Core 2 Duo 2GHz Processor

2GB RAM (4GB Recommended)

Tested on Ubuntu 12.04

Intel Core 2 Duo 2GHz Processor

2GB RAM (4GB Recommended)

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