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Waveform OEM

Powerful workstation app. Improved look, speed and toolbox. Mac, PC, or Linux. Behringer, Mackie, and ROLI are including FREE licenses for Waveform OEM with many of their digital products. Redeem your copy and try Waveform OEM today!

Waveform studio desk
NAMM TEC Experience Finalist
Modern Music Production

Not the Typical OEM Bundleware

OEM software just got a whole lot more capable. Waveform OEM is a multi award winning workstation, featuring powerful and creative tools to inspire the modern musician. Unlike typical ‘Lite’ versions, we do not impose any restrictions – you get unlimited track count, powerful features, compatibility with all popular plugins and efficient performance on Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems. Only available as part of our OEM partner sales programs.

Composition Tools

The all new MIDI composition tools available in Waveform are designed to empower and inspire the creative process. Tools which demystify complex musical structures and allow non trained enthusiasts to explore composition. Synchronized pattern generators allow you to dive into chord progressions with matching bass lines, melodies and arpeggios. Real time chord players turn one finger keyboard players into musical maestros. Don’t let your instrumental abilities restrict your creative flow.

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Modular Mixing

Waveform features an expanded modular mixer that can take advantage of multi screen setups. The customizable interface allows you to quickly switch from editing to mixing workflows and desired viewing. Waveform’s powerful ‘racks’ environment allow you to build limitless DSP chains and save/recall them as presets, whether it be your favorite DSP for a particular vocalist, or deep sound design patch. Embrace the power and flexibility of digital modular.

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Extend Your Sound

Raw Dubstep

Expansion Pack

BioTek 2

Organic Synthesizer


FM Synthesizer


A World of Instruments

RetroMod Collection

Classic Hardware Synths


Visual Synthesizer

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System Requirements

macOS 10.13 or Later
64-bit Intel or Apple Silicon

Windows 8, 10, 11

Tested on Ubuntu 18.04