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Calling all indie developers! Having created the infamous JUCE library, we are intimately aware of the sheer number of indie developers out there who spend hours of their spare time coding interesting apps. Many of these apps never see the light of day due to the massive barrier to entry into the audio app sales arena. Building and maintaining web sites, branding, customer account databases, user support, marketing and sales efforts can all compound to ensure your ideas will never rise above the noise.


Tracktion Presents

Similar to a record label the “Tracktion Presents” program allows talented programmers to focus on their craft, leaving us to focus on the rest.

  • Get expert advice and assistance from our code gurus
  • Learn and integrate industry best practices
  • Access to experienced QA to torture test ahead of release
  • Easily integrate existing authorization solutions
  • Experienced marketing and sales team formulate go-to-market strategy
  • Over 500k direct users hungry for new content
  • Easily integrate with our authorization system with RSA encryption, time-limited trial periods and offline option

Featured Artists



Media Overkill is a three man team consisting of Taiho Yamada, Rob Rampley and Chris Compton – all experienced synthesizer designers. Having worked for numerous major brands, the trio decided to form their own entity to develop their most cutting edge ideas. Having worked with our own team on the powerhouse synth Biotek, the guys were a great first addition to our Tracktion Presents program. Having experienced first-hand what it takes to launch a brand and software VI’s, they jumped at the opportunity to collaborate.


Delta-V Audio

Mark Watt is the man behind Delta-V Audio and has a busy day job engineering space craft – the real fly into space kind! In his spare time, he is passionate about coding creative instruments and his first creation – suitably entitled ‘Spacecraft’ – created a storm on the iOS app store – quickly catching the attention of the synth fraternity, as well as ourselves. Now part of the Tracktion Presents program, we are working together to bring some out of this world instruments to your desktops soon.

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