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Verified by Pluginval

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Verified by Pluginval

At Tracktion we believe in plugin compatibility and programming best practices. To improve our own standards we created pluginval, a cross-platform validation and testing tool for audio plugins. We then made it open source so everyone could use it to help test their plugins. We want this to be a real community effort of promoting best practices amongst host and plugin development.

In order to improve visibility and showcase users of pluginval, we’ve created the “Verified by pluginval” scheme to let everyone know the high standards you test to.

How It Works

  • Download the latest version of pluginval from here or build from source.
  • Run the validation on your plugin for each format and platform you ship, with a minimum strictness level of 5.
  • Advertise this fact on your website and marketing materials using the “Verified by pluginval” logo at the top of this page.


Watch our ADC 2018 presentation about the benefits of validating plugins.

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Verified Results

Due to the increased adoption of pluginval its become difficult to keep the list of verified plugins up to date. We’re thrilled that so many developers are so keen on providing the best level of testing to their users. To showcase this, the best approach now is for individual developers who utilise pluginval in their release pipeline to advertise that fact on their own website and use the “Verified by pluginval” logo (available at the top of this page) to showcase this.