Training guides for Tracktion DAW and plugins.

T7 Manuals

Tracktion Quick Start Guide

The Tracktion Quick Start Guide includes all of the install and setup steps to get you started creating your first project.


Guide to Tracktion T7

Guide to Tracktion T7 includes scores of tips, tricks and previously undocumented features while also suggesting best practices for settings and key-mappings. It is fully up-to-date, covering the latest additions to T7.

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T6 Manuals
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T5 Manuals
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T4 Manuals

Tracktion T4 User Manual

Complete T4 user manual with information from installing and configuring Tracktion to mixing and exporting your project.

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BioTek Manuals

BioTek User Guide

BioTek User Guide provides an in-depth operational overview for this premium quality virtual instrument. BioTek’s user interface (UI) is an intuitive, single-screen interface providing 20+ soft or “patch dependent” controls to allow you to blend, mash-up and manipulate a wide range of unique sounds.

Plugin Manuals

Master Mix Install Guide

Micro Synth Pack Install Guide

DAW Essentials Collection Manuals

Bus Compressor User Guide

Chorus User Guide

Compressor User Guide

Crossover User Guide

Crusher User Guide

Delay Studio User Guide

Ducker User Guide

Equaliser User Guide

Flanger User Guide

Gate / Expander User Guide

Limiter User Guide

Mono Stereo User Guide

Reverber8 User Guide

Stereo Delay User Guide

Stereo Mono User Guide

Tape Delay User Guide

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