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Waveform Pro Features

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Waveform Features

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15 Refreshed Audio Effects

Waveforms' entire collection of stock DSP plugins has been refreshed, bringing much-improved performance, functionality and visual appearance.

New Drum Grid Mode

Turbocharge your programming with a drum centric alternative to the Piano Roll. Mouse clicking to enter and reposition drum hits is now far quicker and more intuitive.

Dual Guitar IR

Dual Guitar IR is a low-latency, dual Impulse Response (IR) convolver developed as a cabinet simulator for guitar and bass amplifiers and pre-amplifiers.

The single Guitar IR plugin is less CPU intensive and is offered to suit live performance, simple process chain simulations, and can easily be loaded onto other instruments for interesting acoustic effects.

Advanced MIDI

Waveform 12 adds powerful new filters to its advanced MIDI editor, including Notes in Key, Notes in use and named notes - making composition and editing faster than ever.

MIDI Randomisation

In Waveform 12 Velocity, pitch, note start and note length can all be randomised via dedicated popup windows. Simply choose between a more human or more random performance and then dial in the strength control to taste.

Utility Plugins

Waveform 12 also adds 6 of the most commonly requested utility tools, including:

An AB Switch - A convert to Mono tool - a Mid/Side splitter - a Spectrum analyser - Plus MIDI CC and a MIDI Note Name plugin.

Probability Added to Step Clips

Breath new life into basic patterns by adding and adjusting probability per note. Simply raise or lower the probability of a note being triggered via a slider and witness ever-evolving loops unfold before your eyes.

MIDI Strum

Inject instant movement and realism with MIDI strum. Simply select chord(s) in the midi editor and simply command drag to create a strum performance.

Rewritten Audio Engine

Our developers have painstakingly and completely rewritten the audio engine resulting in greatly reduced CPU load, perfect PDC in all routing configurations and better support for modern machines with a higher number of CPU cores.

Added Controller Support

Controller integration has been greatly improved with added support for a selection of ICON, Behringer, Presonus and Native Instruments controllers - with more be added all the time.

Arranger Track

Waveform Pro introduces the Arranger Track, a remarkably simple yet powerful tool for manipulating regions of your arrangement. Simply create an arrange clip in the arranger track to control the entire region of your arrangement. The arranger track has contemporary features such as magnetic movement, commonly found in video editors, that automatically open and close regions of the arrangement based on your selections. Experimenting with your arrangement and song structure has never been easier.

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View Presets

Edit view setups can now be saved and restored. For example, you can float your mixer panel and use the small transport bar and save this as a view preset. If you want to save a view preset with all side panels closed and just the arrange panel showing you can do that too. Currently you have to save and load view presets with the “Navigation” shortcuts or set up quick actions for them.

Quick Action Bar

The quick action bar is located just above the properties panel or transport bar and can be used to assign any shortcut action including custom macros. It’s quick and easy to add buttons… assign them actions… set names… colors… and then trigger them with one big, clearly labeled button. With the Quick Action Bar you can create multiple workflow templates and quickly switch between them with ease.

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Custom Layouts

Custom Layouts

Most panels in the Edit window can now be individually undocked to put them on different monitors. This includes the arrange, mixer and MIDI editors. Additionally, in the “Appearance” settings page you can now dedicate a monitor to plugin windows. All plugin windows will appear on this monitor to avoid cluttering the main workspace.

Edit Overview

Edit Overview

The Edit overview allows for rapid navigation of your edit. Almost any window panel can now be undocked (including the mixer and arranger) for ultimate customizability. Custom layouts can be created and saved allowing for the creation of multiple workflow based environments which can be recalled in any Edit.

Audio Chord Track

Audio Chord Track

Audio clips can now be set to follow Waveform’s Chord Track. With auto-pitch enabled under loop-properties the auto-pitch mode provides the option of either following the host’s key or chord track. Selecting chord track ensures your audio now locks perfectly with your chord arrangement.

New MIDI Tools

Waveform Pro includes 5 new MIDI tools: Arpegiator, Note repeat, Chord companion, MIDI Monitor, and MIDI Filter.

The Arpegiator offers classic arpeggiation and much more including tight control over both the timing and input.

Note Repeat takes your MIDI notes and repeats them based on the pattern selected and clock settings.

Chord Companion adds to Waveform’s renowned composition tools allowing the user to trigger complex chords with just a single MIDI note.

MIDI Monitor aids analysis and troubleshooting by clearly listing all MIDI events as they occur.

MIDI Filter takes advantage of Waveform’s multi input functionality allowing you to filter out notes and effectively play two instruments with one keyboard.

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Plugin Sandboxing

3rd party plugins are the weak link for any digital audio workstation. Waveform Pro addresses this by implementing plugin sandboxing. Once activated your work environment is protected by keeping plugin crashes contained. Instead of the host closing, the plugin is simply deactivated.

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System Requirements

macOS 10.15 or Later
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Windows 10, 11

Tested on Ubuntu 20.04

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B