Instructional Videos

There is also a great series of instructional videos, provided by our partners, Streamworks Audio. These provide a deep dive into T4 functionality. We will be adding short new video’s all the time so be sure to keep checking the list.


User Forum

One of the most powerful tools we have available to us is the extremely dedicated family of Tracktioneers around the world. We are proud to host the official Tracktion user forum as a wonderful place to ask questions, share ideas and make connections. We’ll be monitoring the forum so any questions will be answered as rapidly as possible. You can also check out the KVR Users Forum.


Feature Request

We also want to hear your thoughts on future Tracktion features – we believe that software should evolve with the users so it can continue to inspire creativity – plus we can utilize all the cool new hardware that emerges.


Language Wiki

There is also a Tracktion Language Wiki where the Tracktion community can contribute translations into their own language.