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Now, the world's most intuitive Music Production Software is available for the Linux Ubuntu 12 OS!

Download your FREE* beta version of T5 here... btn-red-start-here

Have a look at Tracktion and see what makes it so different!

Tracktion Software features
Tracktion Software edit clip nesting
Tracktion Software freeze points
Tracktion Software advanced mide editing
Tracktion Software real time cpu monitoring
Tracktion Software inline step sequencing
Tracktion Software tabbed projects
Tracktion Software inputs drag and drop
Tracktion Software properties adaptive pannel
Tracktion Software plug-ins VST AU
Tracktion Software automation VST AU
Tracktion Software in-line mixer

The latest from the Tracktion-sphere…

Steve Ferrone & Friends LIVE with T5!

Seattle, WA (July 20, 2014) - Tracktion Software Corporation is pleased to announce the release of an extraordinary album, Steve Ferrone &…



Tracktion 5 Explained

Instructional Video Series from Goove3 Reveals All - Tracktion Software Corporation (TSC) has announced the release of a new series of instructional videos for Tracktion 5 (T5) Music Production Software.



Tracktion V5.3 Available Now!

Beyond the mere bug fixes that would be expected, this new update is packed with a number of ground breaking features. With this release, the Tracktion design team has streamlined user workflow and enhanced creativity by expanding the functionality of the program’s tools.