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Magazine VIDEOAKTIV – issue 6-2013
"...the adjustment of the key features is exemplary easy…Cubase should watch this one..."
Blumenkraft/Sony Music
"What I love most about Tracktion is the uncluttered interface - everything in the process from recording the initial idea to final mixdown is visible right there."
Interface Magazine - November 2013
"A mix in Tracktion sounds better than in Logic (there's something beautiful going on with the summing as there's more headroom in the mix bus)."
Online Magazine: Amazona – June 2013
"Tracktion is a great DAW in this modern digital era" – October 2013
"The functionality and the quality of functions is simply perfect"
Benelux: Print Magazine – Interface (November 2013)
"Tracktion is such a pleasure to work with, that I dare say that numerous musicians, producers and engineers would do themselves a big favour by getting acquainted with Tracktion."
Recording Magazin: Issue 6-2013
"Working with Tracktion is so easy and a lot of fun"
Recording Magazin: Issue 6-2013
"The single screen concept is like a turbo-charger in respect to the workflow"

Tracktion’s true single-screen interface has it all. Never get lost or distracted
due to perfect left-to-right correlation from input to track to mixer…

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Tracktion Software step clip editor

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Tracktion Launches MARKETPLACE!

More than a mere on-line bazaar, MARKETPLACE enables the download of information, software, plug-ins, sounds, instruments as well as other goods and services without ever leaving the Tracktion 5 app.


Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 5.56.47 PM

Tracktion 5 Now Bundles Melodyne

If you haven't upgraded to T5 - now is the time! In an effort to increase Tracktion's value from insane to ludicrous, TSC hereby presents a…



Steve Ferrone & Friends LIVE with T5!

Seattle, WA (July 20, 2014) - Tracktion Software Corporation is pleased to announce the release of an extraordinary album, Steve Ferrone &…