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Tracktion’s single-screen DAW has it all! Roll over all the features shown below or watch the overview videos for more details. Choose T4, T5 or T6 depending on your needs…

Tracktion Software features
Tracktion Software tabbed projects
Tracktion Software comp groups
Tracktion Software inputs
Tracktion Software properties
Tracktion Software plug-ins VST AU
Tracktion Software automation
Tracktion Software waveforms
Tracktion Software mixer
Tracktion Software clip nesting
Tracktion Software tag editor
Tracktion Software freeze points
Tracktion Software advanced midi
Tracktion Software time tools
Tracktion Software cpu monitoring
Tracktion Software step clip editor

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The latest from the Tracktion-sphere…

Tracktion’s 2015 Labor Day Sale!

To celebrate the US Labor Day holiday as well as the launch of Bill Edstrom's T6 Manual, we're offering big savings on the T6+ DAW package - which gives you everything you need for fast, high quality music production - as well as our popular plugins and virtual instruments. Sale prices in effect through September 12, 2015!



MusicTech’s Master Mix Review, Award and Sale!

Master Mix is a mastering plug-in that comes in standard 32 and 64-bit VST and AU formats for Mac and PC as applicable. As you might hope, the plug-in approach means that it will work not just in Tracktion but in any DAW that supports those formats.



The StaticObserver Remix Competition

To celebrate StaticObserver's EP release, we've teamed up with friends at Mackie and Behringer to create a challenging Remix Competition with a grand prize worth over $1,650.00.