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Interface Magazine - November 2013
"A mix in Tracktion sounds better than in Logic (there's something beautiful going on with the summing as there's more headroom in the mix bus)."
Blumenkraft/Sony Music
"What I love most about Tracktion is the uncluttered interface - everything in the process from recording the initial idea to final mixdown is visible right there." – October 2013
"The functionality and the quality of functions is simply perfect"
Recording Magazin: Issue 6-2013
"The single screen concept is like a turbo-charger in respect to the workflow"
Recording Magazin: Issue 6-2013
"Working with Tracktion 4 is so easy and a lot of fun"
Benelux: Print Magazine – Interface (November 2013)
"Tracktion is such a pleasure to work with, that I dare say that numerous musicians, producers and engineers would do themselves a big favour by getting acquainted with Tracktion."
Magazine VIDEOAKTIV – issue 6-2013
"...the adjustment of the key features is exemplary easy…Cubase should watch this one..."
Online Magazine: Amazona – June 2013
"T4 is a great DAW in this modern digital era"

Tracktion’s true single-screen interface has it all. Never get lost or distracted
due to perfect left-to-right correlation from input to track to mixer…

Tracktion Software features
Tracktion Software edit clip nesting
Tracktion Software freeze points
Tracktion Software advanced mide editing
Tracktion Software real time cpu monitoring
Tracktion Software inline step sequencing
Tracktion Software tabbed projects
Tracktion Software inputs drag and drop
Tracktion Software properties adaptive pannel
Tracktion Software plug-ins VST AU
Tracktion Software automation VST AU
Tracktion Software in-line mixer

Have a look at Tracktion and see what makes it so different!
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