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This is no ‘Lite’ version, we do not impose track limits, plugin limitations or other such constraints commonly found in other low cost offerings. Why? – we think you will enjoy using the app so much, you will discover the value in investing in our latest versions and the expanded features we are voraciously adding. Innovation and creativity is what drives us – join the ride today and download T6 for Mac, Windows, or Linux operating systems.

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Perfect App To Start Recording Your Music

Like all Tracktion DAW applications, T6 features an intuitive, single-screen interface. Input, waveform and mixer – including EQ, level, pan and plugins – are laid out from left-to-right. Simply drag-and-drop additional features and automation on any track as needed. Unlimited numbers of audio and MIDI tracks, combined with a professional feature set, allow you to compose, record, edit, mix and share your music with ease. Modest CPU requirements make T6 ideal for use on nearly any Mac, Windows or Linux computer (see requirements).

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What Is The Difference?

All Tracktion DAWs feature a single screen interface and an ever-growing list of premium features. They’ve been designed specifically for use by musicians, artists and composers in need of a powerful, easy-to-use and affordable recording platform. The differences between T6, T7, and Waveform are shown on the comparison chart.

FEATURES   Waveform 9   Waveform 8   T7   T6
Support for macOS   10.9 or later   10.9 or later   10.7.5 or later   10.7 – 10.11
Support for WINDOWS   7 / 8 / 10   7 / 8 / 10   7 / 8 / 10   7 / 8 / 10
Support for LINUX   Ubuntu 16.04   Ubuntu 16.04   Ubuntu 12.04   Ubuntu 12.04
Support for Plugins   VST/AU/Linux VST   VST/AU/Linux VST   VST/AU/Linux VST   VST/AU/Linux VST
Unlimited Audio Tracks   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes
Unlimited MIDI Tracks   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes
Automation   Yes Enhanced   Yes Enhanced   Yes Enhanced   Yes Enhanced
Keyboard Shortcuts   Yes + User Scripts   Yes + User Scripts   Yes + User Scripts   Yes + User Scripts
Video Sync   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes
Timestretch Algorithm   Professional   Professional   Professional   Professional
Latency Management   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes
Step Sequencer   Enhanced   Enhanced   Enhanced   Enhanced
Freeze Point Technology   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes
Edit Clips   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes
MIDI Learn   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes
Audio Comping   Advanced   Advanced   Advanced   Advanced
Warp Time   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes
Track Tags   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes
Hardware Insert for Plugins   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes
Pitch Fades   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes
Clip Layer Effects   Yes   Yes   Yes    
Integrated Setup Assistant   Yes   Yes   Yes    
Multi-Browser Sync   Yes   Yes   Yes    
Slimline Transport Bar   Yes   Yes   Yes    
Animated Panels   Yes   Yes   Yes    
Visual Plugin Selector   Yes   Yes   Yes    
Grouped Clips   Yes   Yes   Yes    
Linked Clips   Yes   Yes   Yes    
Automation Patterns   Yes   Yes   Yes    
LFO Generators   Yes   Yes   Yes    
Edit Previews   Yes   Yes   Yes    
Quick Zoom   Yes   Yes   Yes    
Collective Sampler/Synthesizer   Yes   Yes        
Master Mix DSP   Yes   Yes        
Modular Mix Environment   Yes   Yes        
MIDI Pattern generators   Yes   Yes        
Realtime MIDI chord player   Yes   Yes        
Detail MIDI Editor   Yes   Yes        
Crashed plugin assistant   Yes   Yes        
Variable color schemes   Yes   Yes        
Support for Raspberry Pi   Yes   Yes        
Melodyne Essential (Pitch)   Yes            
Multi-Sampler Instrument   Yes            
Plugin Macros   Yes            
Plugin Faceplates   Yes            
Rack ‘Stack’ Editor   Yes            
6 New Modifiers   Yes            
Chord Track   Yes            
Track Loops   Yes            
Track Presets   Yes            
Quick Render   Yes            
Free online support   Yes            

System Requirements

macOS 10.7.5 or Later

Intel Core 2 Duo 2GHz Processor

2GB RAM (4GB Recommended)

Windows 7,8,10

Intel Core 2 Duo 2GHz Processor

2GB RAM (4GB Recommended)

Tested on Ubuntu 12.04

Intel Core 2 Duo 2GHz Processor

2GB RAM (4GB Recommended)

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