Tracktion’s Julian Storer Named “Most Inspiring” At C++NOW 2013

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(Photo: 2013 Best Session Winners (L-R) Andrew Sutton, Rob Stewart, Michael Ciasse and Julian Storer)

ASPEN, CO, USA (May 17, 2013) – Tracktion Software Corporation founder, Julian Storer, was awarded the “Most Inspiring” Session at the recent C++NOW Conference held from May 12 – 17 in Aspen, Colorado. Storer is the creator of the cross-platform Tracktion Music Production and JUCE Application Framework software. An overview of the award-winning session follows:  

The Projucer: Live coding with C++ and the LLVM JIT engine

, Friday 9am – 9.45am

Julian Storer     

A behind-the-scenes look at how the Projucer IDE manages to provide real-time execution and refactoring of C++ code by using Clang and the LLVM JIT engine to continuously recompile and execute individual classes.

Based on the JUCE GUI toolkit library, the Projucer is an IDE for assembling and editing C++ projects. By using Clang to compile and scan the AST of a user’s codebase, it can detect suitable GUI classes and instantiate them as stand-alone entities that immediately update when their code is modified. By wrapping these GUI classes in dynamically-generated code, familiar GUI-editor operations like dragging, resizing, etc can be performed on them, which work by directly refactoring the original code.

There’s a screencast of this in action and more details on my website.

For the C++ connoisseurs, I’d like to delve into some of the nitty-gritty details, obstacles, and cunning tricks that were involved in getting this system to work effectively, and the many aspects of Clang and LLVM that it covers.





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