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Abbey Road Red Backed Mastering for Tracktion DAW Users


SEATTLE, WA (August 22, 2015)
– Tracktion Corporation has partnered with CouldBounce, a tech startup funded by the Abbey Road Red program, to provide an integrated mastering capability for the flagship T7 digital audio workstation (DAW). As the first DAW to offer the CloudBounce platform, T7 users can have direct, in-app access to cloud-based automated finalizing at any point in the music production process for the low price of $4.90 per high-resolution master.

Tracktion and CloudBounce share a stated mission to provide the audio community with superior yet accessible products that enhance creativity and improve production efficiency. As Dave Rowland, Tracktion’s lead DAW developer puts it, “a built-in mastering capability of this caliber, offered at such a breakthrough price, gives T7 users the ability to do true mid-session mastering. This brings invaluable insight toward the finished sound of a recording – eliminating a lot of guesswork.”

CloudBounce CEO, Anssi Uimonen added, “we believe that autonomous mastering is here to stay. It coexists with traditional mastering and can provide a flexible tool during any phase of production. By offering T7 users a chance to reap the benefits of leading-edge mastering technology firsthand, we streamline the entire creative process.”    

Rowland, Uimonen and CloudBounce CTO, Pekka Jääskeläinen collaborated seamlessly to develop a fully customized integration into the T7 workstation. Tracktion users gain access to mastering by simply selecting the “Master With CloudBounce” option inside the T7 user interface. Downloading the final master in multiple hi-res formats is only 2 clicks away provided the user already has a rendered stereo audio file ready for mastering.




CouldBounce are giving away three Tracktion T7 Ultimate Pack licenses (each a $409 value). For a chance to win free award-winning music recording software from Tracktion, sign up for CloudBounce before August 31, 2016! Go to for more.




About CloudBounce – CloudBounce is a music tech startup delivering high-quality cloud-based audio mastering for musicians, bands and sound designers in over 60 countries. Driven by passion for music creation, CloudBounce brings the algorithm-based mastering technology to the previously underserved segment of music producers. CloudBounce is a proud member of the Abbey Road Red incubator. For more information, please visit

About Abbey Road Red – Building on a legacy of more than 80 years of groundbreaking technological advances at the Studios, Abbey Road Red is our open innovation department designed to support the endeavours of the brightest music tech entrepreneurs, researchers and developers. We run a unique music tech start-up incubation program – the only one of its kind in Europe – to support the most promising music tech startups, as well as collaborating with  the brightest minds in academic research. The white lab coats are long gone at Abbey Road but the spirit of adventure is still as present as ever. For more, visit

About Tracktion Corporation – Tracktion Corporation is a Seattle-based music technology manufacturer with the goal of streamlining and enhancing the creative process for today’s artists and producers. Formed in 2012 by Julian Storer, James Woodburn and Dave Christenson, the company successfully re-launched the Tracktion Music Production Software platform and has branched into audio applications development, on-line retail and hardware audio interface manufacturing. For more information, please visit


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