The Miracle That is Tracktion

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February 10, 2012 (Seattle, WA) – As posted on the public KVR Forum earlier today. We re-post this on our blog because we love both John’s enthusiasm and his music. Have a listen…


I just wanted to let someone know that Tracktion quite literally changed my life.

I have been a musician since 1977 and a composer since 1988. Unlike many people who post at KVR, I am a traditionally trained musician with many years of professional experience. And I thought you should know that I quite literally never felt like I had a working environment that fulfilled my needs until Tracktion came into my life back in 2004. 

For a very small indication of the creative energies that Tracktion has released for me, you can listen to: 

or adio.mp3

Which would all have been impossible without the miracle that is Tracktion. 

I understand that you are all busy and probably don’t have the time to listen to lengthy concept albums by obscure musicians, but I felt that I should write this pm anyway. 

Thank you all. 

John Gump

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