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“Tracktion’s BioTek is one powerful synth” 

– Alessandro Cardinale | AudioFader

Conclusions (Translated from Italian)

It practically goes without saying: Tracktion BioTek is one powerful synth. Almost too powerful, if such a thing is possible. Its layered structure, polyvalent oscillators, rich modulation matrix, sophisticated arpeggiator and good range of effects provide extremely subtle tonal possibilities. No instrument, of course – not even a monster like this one – is ever going to be the be-all end-all for all musical tastes and requirements. Certain sounds, in fact, fall completely outside its realm, although it is adequate as an emulator of raw analogic sounds. Where it truly excels, however, is in the generation of expressive and oniric textures.

Vivid pads and fascinating atmospheric sounds are its bread and butter. Expert programmers will appreciate the potential of its sample-loading capability. Sure, getting up to speed in using the instrument to its full potential takes a bit of a learning curve and an armload of patience. It is also probably not the best option for beginners (or the faint of heart), coming as it does with just a few preloaded instruments. But experienced sound designers should take BioTek into very serious consideration because of its vast potential for creating surprising new horizons in sound.

The fifty-page, highly detailed manual also needs to be taken seriously. Despite its occasional gaps and inaccuracies, even the most experienced musicians will need to refer to it while getting acquainted with the instrument. A fully functional demo version of the software is available for download from the Tracktion website. I highly recommend that all synth fans download it, so they can see and hear for themselves just how powerful a package it is. Tracktion BioTek comes at the very attractive price of €150.

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