Introducing the DAW Essential Collection

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essential_collection_product_sample_1200pxIn our largest multiple product launch to date, we’ve released the DAW Essentials Collection, a suite of 16 premium quality effects plugins compatible with all professional level digital audio workstation applications. With an emphasis on sound quality, ease of use and utility, we’ve provided all the DSP effects needed for most contemporary music productions in a single package with an introductory price of only $99!

As products of the latest, most advanced algorithms and coding techniques, the Essential Collection plugins allow extensive manipulation of the most expressive parameters for each effect. Despite control characteristics and sound quality of the highest caliber, these effects are highly efficient allowing them to perform well on a wide range of computer platforms.

One of the most compelling aspects of the Essential Collection is its portability. While some top DAW’s offer plugins of similar quality, they are captive to those applications. The Essential Collection can move from one DAW to another allowing the complete sound of a recording to move as well. “You want to be able to jump around from one host to another when working creatively,” explained Tracktion CEO, James Woodburn. “It’s no good to have your plugins stuck on the wrong DAW as you change platforms to move between composition, production and live performance.”

The Essentials Collection, as well as the BioTek Organic Synthesizer, Tracktion 7 DAW and more are available to try or buy on the website. All are also available from a growing list of premium retailers such as  


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