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Richard Devine

Google / Warp Records / Schematic Records

“Waverazor’s synthesis approach is very unique in that you can splice almost any combination of multi-shape waveforms, and multiply, degrade, destroy or mutate them with a wide variety of different parameters. The sounds are very organic and interesting. I honestly can say there are some sounds I created with this instrument that I have never heard before.”

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Avalanche Studios

Just Cause / Mad Max / Renegade Ops

“One of the really unique aspects of Waverazor is the ability to create communicative sounds, be it really tactile, tech UI stuff or actually routing an audio input through the synthesiser itself to create a lot more complex soundscapes.”

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Independent Music Artist /

“All my records start with one thing, and that is Waveform 10. The flawlessness of the audio engine and smooth workflow has been so reliable over the years I have never switched to another DAW…ever! A fan since Tracktion 2, with the top notch sound quality, audio engine, and editing while recording, you will be making complete recordings faster then you can release them. Waveform and Tracktion has brought my wildest dreams to reality, and I will never use anything else for my records…EVER!!!.”

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MG The Future

Music Producer / Educator /

“For the price point and feature set, nothing comes close to Waveform. I was able to get up and running in no time, and was pleasantly surprised with the musical toolset, often overlooked by other DAWs.”

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Jörg Hüttner

Fifty Shades of Grey / Independence Day / Total Recall

“The new granular oscillator in BioTek 2 adds a lot of variety to an already versatile soft synthesizer. The user sample capability of the granular oscillator makes BioTek 2 a formidable weapon for film, trailer, and TV composition. This combined with the nearly endless modulation options BioTek offered from the start, and being able to use more than one granular oscillator at a time puts its granular synthesis into a completely different league.”

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Mark Mothersbaugh’s Mutato Muzika

The Lego Movie / Windows / Samsung

On Tracktion’s BioTek
“I don’t think people understand just how deep this plugin is..”
John Enroth – Composer Mutato

“It’s unique…. when you’re looking for something different this is the go to synth”
Albert Fox – Composer Mutato Muzika

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Thomas Ragsdale

HyperNormalisation / Telefon Tel Aviv / Daniel Lanois

“I’m a total vintage nerd and one of the things I’m always looking out for are VSTs that not only pay tribute to the originals, but also add a little something else to their sound. I’ve been using the RetroMods a lot and I honestly can’t tell these apart from the originals. They even behave similarly almost like they have their own circuits. Everything is laid out very nicely and intuitively in their interfaces so that you can quickly grab a control and sweep up a filter or ramp up some ring mod. The FAT plugin is my favourite, which as you can probably imagine is indeed FAT.”

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Hernan Calvo Pardo

Geoff Emerick / Carajo / Professor at UNTreF

“When I first came across Waveform I thought it was interesting. After using it for a while, I realized it’s awesome! The workflow is very powerful and intuitive. The audio engine sounds great, it’s very stable and runs smoothly. Plus, being able to create your own shortcuts and macros, is a very friendly way to adapt to the system if you are coming from another DAW.”

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Community Spotlight

Each month we indulge in a little Q&A with our customers and put them in the spotlight. This month we’re talking with the talented Zane Smith from Simple Green Tech.

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Hi Zane, tell us a little about yourself and your musical background

I am from Ontario Canada and I have been working professionally in broadcast for the last 10 years. I create audio and video content and in my home studio I create music.

I was always interested in making music. I had several guitars when I was very young plus keyboards and a drum kit. I always wanted to be in a band. When I was 13, we moved to a small town and I met a couple of other music minded teens that wanted to be in a band too so we started writing music (we didn’t know how to play too many covers). We recorded songs on various cassette tape recorders and figured out how to multi track with a ghetto blaster (not sure of the modern term for these). We were heavily influenced by old punk music so our music was quite raw, loud and probably not very good. But that didn’t stop us. Nothing ever came of that musical project other than some fun jam sessions and the start of my audio recording interest.

I have recorded music for feature films, commercial uses, and of course for my own enjoyment. In addition to recording I’ve also been doing live music for various festivals and concerts. Music is pretty much a part of everything I do.

What inspires you to create and produce music?

Inspiration can come from anywhere for me. I might be going for a walk and suddenly a song idea hits me. Maybe it’s something somebody said to me that inspires a song. Watching other musicians always inspires me. Lately I’ve been getting a lot of inspiration from watching amateur musicians on YouTube. Their passion and raw creativity are very contagious. This is also one of the things that keeps me going. With the way social media is now and the access to the world as an audience, I can think of no better time to be a creative person.

When did you start using Tracktion products and how do they compliment your workflow?

I was introduced to Tracktion products by purchasing a Behringer audio interface. I picked up a UM2 for $20 on sale. I couldn’t pass up an audio interface at that price, even though I have too many interfaces already. But that interface included a license for T7 which was not free at the time. With this new budget interface, I wanted to start creating some real raw music and I was looking for another DAW to make this project feel new. So, I tried T7. After adjusting the user interface to my liking, I started to play around with musical ideas. I was hooked! There was no back and forth between mixer views and timeline view. Everything was laid out right there. It also loaded up super quick and takes very little computer power to run. I now have Waveform but I still find myself going back to T7 every now and then.

What’s the number one Tracktion feature or workflow that you couldn’t live without?

The number one thing that keeps me coming back to Tracktion T7 and Waveform is the workflow. The way everything is laid out on the screen allows me to work quickly without taking my mind off of the flow of music.

Tell us about some of the projects you’ve been working on recently.

Recently I’ve started working on an EP. The sound is a raw rock, 80’s punk kind of thing. It’s still in the early stages so I am looking forward to seeing how things evolve with it. I just realized that I’m never going to grow out of my punk music phase so why not give into the urge to create it?

I also have another little project that I do. This is sort of an ongoing thing. I create songs that I can picture being in a horror movie. Taking inspiration from 70s & 80s horror sounds but some modern influences too. The Tracktion Retromod synths have really helped inspiration with this.

Other than musical projects, I have been primarily focusing on my YouTube channel, Simple Green Tech, which aims to help people get started in audio recording. Diving into the world of digital recording can be frustrating at first, I try to help them get through the frustration and encourage them to get creative. Hearing the music that some of my viewers have created has been so inspiring to me.

What else would you like to share with the Tracktion community?

Join me over on YouTube where I do audio tech tips, tutorials, and reviews. I always try to interact with people over there and it has been a very fun project so far.

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