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Richard Devine

Google / Warp Records / Schematic Records

“Waverazor’s synthesis approach is very unique in that you can splice almost any combination of multi-shape waveforms, and multiply, degrade, destroy or mutate them with a wide variety of different parameters. The sounds are very organic and interesting. I honestly can say there are some sounds I created with this instrument that I have never heard before.”

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Avalanche Studios

Just Cause / Mad Max / Renegade Ops

“One of the really unique aspects of Waverazor is the ability to create communicative sounds, be it really tactile, tech UI stuff or actually routing an audio input through the synthesiser itself to create a lot more complex soundscapes.”

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Independent Music Artist /

“All my records start with one thing, and that is Waveform 10. The flawlessness of the audio engine and smooth workflow has been so reliable over the years I have never switched to another DAW…ever! A fan since Tracktion 2, with the top notch sound quality, audio engine, and editing while recording, you will be making complete recordings faster then you can release them. Waveform and Tracktion has brought my wildest dreams to reality, and I will never use anything else for my records…EVER!!!.”

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MG The Future

Music Producer / Educator /

“For the price point and feature set, nothing comes close to Waveform. I was able to get up and running in no time, and was pleasantly surprised with the musical toolset, often overlooked by other DAWs.”

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Jörg Hüttner

Fifty Shades of Grey / Independence Day / Total Recall

“The new granular oscillator in BioTek 2 adds a lot of variety to an already versatile soft synthesizer. The user sample capability of the granular oscillator makes BioTek 2 a formidable weapon for film, trailer, and TV composition. This combined with the nearly endless modulation options BioTek offered from the start, and being able to use more than one granular oscillator at a time puts its granular synthesis into a completely different league.”

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Mark Mothersbaugh’s Mutato Muzika

The Lego Movie / Windows / Samsung

On Tracktion’s BioTek
“I don’t think people understand just how deep this plugin is..”
John Enroth – Composer Mutato

“It’s unique…. when you’re looking for something different this is the go to synth”
Albert Fox – Composer Mutato Muzika

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Thomas Ragsdale

HyperNormalisation / Telefon Tel Aviv / Daniel Lanois

“I’m a total vintage nerd and one of the things I’m always looking out for are VSTs that not only pay tribute to the originals, but also add a little something else to their sound. I’ve been using the RetroMods a lot and I honestly can’t tell these apart from the originals. They even behave similarly almost like they have their own circuits. Everything is laid out very nicely and intuitively in their interfaces so that you can quickly grab a control and sweep up a filter or ramp up some ring mod. The FAT plugin is my favourite, which as you can probably imagine is indeed FAT.”

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Hernan Calvo Pardo

Geoff Emerick / Carajo / Professor at UNTreF

“When I first came across Waveform I thought it was interesting. After using it for a while, I realized it’s awesome! The workflow is very powerful and intuitive. The audio engine sounds great, it’s very stable and runs smoothly. Plus, being able to create your own shortcuts and macros, is a very friendly way to adapt to the system if you are coming from another DAW.”

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Community Spotlight

Each month we indulge in a little Q&A with our customers and put them in the spotlight. This month we’re talking with Eric Beaty, musician, educator, writer and Waveform lover.

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Hi Eric, tell us a little about yourself and your musical background

I began playing guitar, my first musical instrument, at the ripe old age of thirteen. I begged my grandparents to buy me a two-VHS (remember those?) guitar course for Christmas. They did and I immediately began absorbing all I could from the courses, which was mainly chords. I didn’t have the patience for learning to read music, but I had a natural sense of rhythm, so I just learned what chords and songs I could from the course and took off from there.

My main reason for wanting to play was so that I could participate in church music. My dad was a pastor at the time, and I desperately wanted to contribute to the services. In no time I was doing just that.

Fast forward to today, over 20 years later, and I’m still playing guitar and have even added a few new instruments to my repertoire—piano, ukulele, and bass. I teach private guitar and ukulele students, as well as a Bluegrass Band class and a novel writing class, throughout the school year and take summer off to work on my own projects. Some of the projects I’ve created include three professional quality guitar instructional courses, “Texas Blues Guitar,” “Bluegrass Guitar Essentials,” and, my latest course, “Bluegrass Guitarpeggios.”

I also dabble in writing and have written two Amazon bestsellers in their categories on how to set and achieve goals from a three-part series entitled “SMART FOCUS.” I’m currently at work on my first novel.

When I have the time, I produce content on my YouTube channel — currently with 700+ videos, 14,000+ subscribers, and 45,000+ monthly views and growing — on the topics of guitar instruction, entrepreneurship, writing and publishing, and more.

What inspires you to create and produce music?

Most of all, I’d have to say that great music inspires me to play and produce great music. My many and diverse musical inspirations include Tony Rice, Bryan Sutton, Tommy Emmanuel, David Grier, Kenny Smith, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton, Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert, Joe Satriani, and the artist I discovered recently whom I can’t seem to get enough of—Marco Sfogli.

The best way I fill my creative well and keep my creative spark alive is to allow myself time off from creating to absorb the creative work of others. Be it a good novel, a favorite album, or other means of creativity, these all keep me in check as I continue to find my own means of creativity. Another great way to do this is to switch up my creative flow. If I’ve spent a week working on a musical project, I might take a day or two off and go to a coffee shop (my favorite hangout spot) to write or sort through my goals for the upcoming quarter.

When did you start using Tracktion products and how do they compliment your workflow?

I started using Tracktion back in 2017 when T5 was the latest version just before T6 was released. I was quickly hooked into the flow and GUI of the DAW, which was different than anything I’d ever seen at the time. Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of it was that it was a fully functional DAW that was completely and totally free!

I’d dabbled in other DAWs before over the years, but nothing as extensive as Tracktion. It was when I found Tracktion that I found a new vigor for creating my own music. As a direct result, I gained additional interest in learning to engineer my own work, so I owe my knowledge of how to mix my music to Tracktion software.

I currently use the latest installment of Tracktion Waveform 9 as my DAW. I haven’t upgraded to version 10 because there’s still so much I haven’t discovered in version 9!

What’s the number one Tracktion feature or workflow that you couldn’t live without?

That’s a hard one since Tracktion does just about everything I’d ever want it to. If I had to pick one, for now, I’d have to say Warp Time. I’ve never seen an easier way to deal with slight mishaps in my own timing. Though, I don’t use it in the Loops window; I prefer to add it as an FX to each clip and work from there. It’s easier to visualize this way.

Some of my other favorite features include Melodyne Essentials — for those rare occasions when either my voice or my instruments hit an off-pitch note — and Clip Comping. Comping is a great way to compile the “greatest hits” from your solo and splice them all together seamlessly. I’ve also found it a great tool for recording multiple “dubbed” rhythm guitars for the classic stereo widening effect — just record several bars of your rhythm in a loop, then select different areas of the comped clip than you selected for your main guitar part. Since the selected audio is totally different, you now have multiple rhythm guitars!

Tell us about some of the projects you’ve been working on recently.

Back in October 2017, when I first found Tracktion, I recorded an entire album’s worth of original Bluegrass Gospel music using T5 and T6. Since then — after multiple other projects took priority — I’ve been able to mix two singles from that album. I still have a few more tracks to mix and release. But lately, I’ve been working on a new single in an entirely different genre — Shred Guitar. The track is inspired by some of my own favorite Shred players, Paul Gilbert and Marco Sfogli being among the top of my list.

I’ve recently hired a drummer on Fiverr to track drums, and I’m currently in the mixing stage of the drums. From there, I’ll move on to mixing the rest of the track. I tend to work slower than I’d like, but I love the learning process along the way.

What else would you like to share with the Tracktion community?

My main hub for connecting with people online is my website / blog. From there, you can check out my various instructional courses, read some of the books and stories I’ve written, and, of course, listen to some of my own music.

I currently play with an acoustic Gospel group out of Sparta, TN called the Gilbert Family. I’ve been playing guitar and singing with them since around 2013 and love every minute of the challenge of coming up with new guitar parts. To date, I’ve recorded one album with them entitled “The Promise,” which was released in March 2017. We’re looking to record our next album on our own, and I’ve put in a good word for Tracktion to our bass player, John, so I hope we can work together in Tracktion very soon.

Thanks to the awesome team at Tracktion for making my music dreams a reality and offering me this amazing opportunity to be featured as a part of the Tracktion community.

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