New in T6

Video tutorial series highlighting the new features available in T6.


T5 & T6 Tutorials

groove3 Video tutorial series provided by Groove3. Learn everything from installation to recording, adding effects, mixing down and more. If you’re just getting started or want to go deeper into Tracktion 5, this series is for you. Purchase the full series.

Learn the basics of getting started with Tracktion 5. This is a great intro series for the brand new Tracktion user.


T5 Tips & Tricks

Go more in depth with Tracktion 5 and learn how to harness its powerful features.


Tracktion Marketplace

Learn about Tracktion Marketplace.


Legacy Versions

Our friends at Streamworks Audio (SWA) have done a brilliant series of detailed Tracktion tutorials. These were originally produced for T3 but updated where necessary for T4. We’ve posted the videos below for your convenience but also encourage you to visit SWA’s YouTube page to view all 15 editions and track your progress.