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New in Tracktion 5

  • Open Multiple Edits

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    Have you ever jumped from one idea to the next…? Or wanted to suddenly revisit another track…? Well now in T5 you can have multiple edits open at one time and move between them through the intuitive ‘tab’ browser. If you have multiple screens you can even drag these tabs out into their own floating windows allowing you to work on different concepts or parts of track with ease. Combined with the Edit Clip feature that allows you to compile these edits on the fly – ideation has never been easier

  • Edit Clips

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    Edit Clips are a revolutionary, patent pending, audio loop format that allows you to have all the ease of single audio loops without loosing any of the flexibility of full multitrack recordings. This makes arrangement of songs a breeze, allowing you to take a ‘building block’ approach and avoid the cumbersome task of editing large numbers of tracks – simply create edit clips for each section of the song (verse, chorus, bridge etc). This also has the benefit of allowing you to close the source multi track edit and …read more

  • In-line Step Sequencing

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    Many drum plugins feature step sequencing, however this can make it difficult to visualize your notes in amongst your arrangement. T5′s all new ‘step sequencer clip’ allows you to integrate your step sequence directly into your arrangement just like any other clip. Control one or several of you favorite plugins from the one clip using Tracktion’s powerful ‘rack’ functionality. Programming beats became fun again.

  • Real-time CPU Management

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    Have you ever get the feeling you wished your computer had just that little bit extra power to add just one more synth or effect – or perhaps you want to record monitor through your favorite plugins with minimal latency regardless of your session size? Tracktion’s new Resource Manager gives you all the information you need to be able to manage your computers resources easily and rapidly – allowing you to focus more on creation and less on limitations.

  • Freeze Point Technology

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    Get all the benefits of freezing – without losing any of the flexibility. In T5 you can simply drag a freeze point into your signal chain allowing you to selectively freeze without losing the ability to do less intensive tasks such as volume/pan and any other plugins you choose.

  • MIDI Mastered

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    MIDI is not a new technology, however it continues to evolve. In T5, we feature full ‘per note’ automation – giving you unprecedented control over your instruments and editing. Further to this we are the exclusive partner for the Roli Seaboard next generation ‘Multi Dimensional Control’ instruments allowing for editing of complex data in a quick, easy format. Midi just became retro cool.

  • A True Single Screen Interface

    learn screen single interface

    Tracktion’s ease of use begins with its unique, single screen interface. While its possible to hide features if you like, all Tracktion features can be reached and operated from this single page.

    No other professional quality music production software can accurately make this claim.

  • Intuitive, Left-to-Right Workflow

    learn screen ltr workflow

    Like reading a (western) book, just move from left-to-right. Follow the signal flow in a way that makes sense visually: from input, to wave-form, to mixer, plugins and output. Tracktion always keeps perfect correlation between track and mixer so you never get lost while working very quickly.

  • Modeless Operation

    learn screen modeless

    Say goodbye to switching between modes. Building on principles originally proposed by pioneering Apple Computer engineer, Larry Tesler, Tracktion employs a modeless or mode-free user interface. This eliminates the confusion caused by the need to select a particular “tool” for any given operation as in most other DAW programs. Less confusion brings greater speed, fun and creativity.

  • Drag-and-Drop Functionality

    learn screen drag drop

    You will instinctively discover that ‘drag and drop’ functionality is stitched into the fabric of Tracktion. From dragging loops into a session from the integrated browser, dragging inputs to tracks or filters to any location they are needed – Tracktion’s user interface is widely recognized as being the most intuitive of all the DAW’s.

  • A Unique In-Line Mixer

    learn screen inline mixer

    Tracktion’s mixer section is both innovative and intuitive. It’s found in-line with the channel input and waveform for instant correlation. Build each mixer with exactly the elements you need by dragging and dropping EQ, Filter, Plug-in, and send modules to the track and arrange, or re-arrange, them in any order.

  • Total Dynamic Automation

    learn screen automation

    Again utilizing Tracktion’s drag-and-drop functionality, simply drag the “A” icon found on each track to any element you want to automate. Creating comprehensive mixes is fast using just a mouse – and if you would like to get ‘hands on’, Tracktion supports all the major control surface protocols.

  • Unlimited Multi-track Record

    learn screen multitrack

    Simultaneously record as many tracks as your hardware will handle. Tracktion is perfect for full band recordings. Plus with useful features such as giant input meters and the ability to lock the transport, Tracktion is ideally suited for both the recording studio and live sound environment.

  • Editing Made Easy

    learn screen editing easy

    All the tools you need for precise, professional editing are at your fingertips – presenting you with all the relevant tools exactly where you need them – Tracktion responds to your every move.

  • Add and Control Effects

    learn screen control effects

    Place effects to any track, in any order – or directly onto an audio clip. Depending on the effect, control them in either the pop-up window (as above) or in Tracktion’s properties area found at the bottom of the user interface. With support for VST and AU plugins, you have a world of processing to explore.

  • Virtual Instruments

    learn screen virtual instruments

    You will instinctively discover that ‘drag and drop’ functionality is stitched into the fabric of Tracktion. From dragging loops into a session from the integrated browser, dragging inputs to tracks or filters to any location they are needed – Tracktion’s user interface is widely recognized as being the most intuitive of all the DAW’s.

  • Editing MIDI

    learn screen midi editing

    Detailed MIDI editing allows you to correct or enhance your performance. Add quantize or grooves – manipulate your notes with ease. Beats or keys – transpose, change velocity.

  • Effect/Filter Racks

    learn screen fx racks

    Tracktions unique “Racks” section utilizes drag-and-drop simplicity and allows you to rapidly create and recall your favorite processing combinations.

  • Built-in Browsers

    learn screen browsers

    Find that perfect loop quickly and easily with auto-tempo and auto-pitch. Also browse for any content, markers, clipboard items without leaving the application.

  • Complete Project Management

    learn screen project manage

    All the information you need about your files and projects can be found under the “projects” tab.