Music Production Software

Edit Clips

Edit Clips are a revolutionary, patent pending, audio loop format that allows you to have all the ease of single audio loops without losing any of the flexibility of full multitrack recordings. This makes arrangement of songs a breeze, allowing you to take a ‘building block’ approach and avoid the cumbersome task of editing large numbers of tracks – simply create edit clips for each section of the song (verse, chorus, bridge etc).

This also has the benefit of allowing you to close the source multi track edit and free up valuable system resources – of course the multi track source can be re-launched at the touch of a button. Allowing you to focus more on creating and less on limitations.
Create your own library of Edit Clip loops and add to Tracktion 5’s handy loop browser so they can be quickly found and auditioned like any other loop – only with these, the multi track source is always immediately available to give maximum creative flexibility.