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Tracktion Hits Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg

Musicmaker_coverArnhem, Netherlands (November 19, 2013) – The prominent BeNeLux-based magazine, MUSICMAKER, has just published a very positive review of the Tracktion 4 Music Production Software platform. Tracktion’s Dave Christenson commented, “We’ve been thankful for a lot of recent press attention in Northern Europe, now MUSICMAKER is spreading the word to the Central regions. Great to see that Tracktion’s appeal is crossing so many language and cultural barriers. The new multi-language support feature in T4 should help accelerate global access even further.”

The article’s author, Thomas Van Den Berg, wrote, “[Tracktion’s] drag & drop functionality is great: everything is moveable and works immediately…Tracktion combines the user-friendlyness of Apple with the openness of Windows…Don’t know where to start? The Tracktion website is a godsend to newcomers. Here you’ll find a comprehensive FAQ, Quick-start and reference-guides in PDF, and about five hours (!) of free instructional video’s…If you want to be able to produce great sounding results quickly, or are working on an older machine, Tracktion is seriously worth your consideration.”

The full Dutch-language article appears below and can be found on-line here!





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