Tracktion’s 2015 Labor Day Sale!

To celebrate the US Labor Day holiday as well as the launch of Bill Edstrom’s T6 Manual, we’re offering big savings on the T6+ DAW package – which gives you everything you need for fast, high quality music production – as well as our popular plugins and virtual instruments. Sale prices in effect through September 12, 2015!
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MusicTech’s Master Mix Review, Award and Sale!

Master Mix is a mastering plug-in that comes in standard 32 and 64-bit VST and AU formats for Mac and PC as applicable. As you might hope, the plug-in approach means that it will work not just in Tracktion but in any DAW that supports those formats. Continue reading


The StaticObserver Remix Competition

To celebrate StaticObserver’s EP release, we’ve teamed up with friends at Mackie and Behringer to create a challenging Remix Competition with a grand prize worth over $1,650.00. Continue reading


Tracktion Launches MARKETPLACE!

More than a mere on-line bazaar, MARKETPLACE enables the download of information, software, plug-ins, sounds, instruments as well as other goods and services without ever leaving the Tracktion 5 app. Continue reading

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Tracktion 5 Now Bundles Melodyne

If you haven’t upgraded to T5 – now is the time! In an effort to increase Tracktion’s value from insane to ludicrous, TSC hereby presents a back-to-school gift to all T5 users. Beginning immediately, every registered T5 license will include Melodyne Essential, the world’s … Continue reading


Steve Ferrone & Friends LIVE with T5!

Seattle, WA (July 20, 2014) – Tracktion Software Corporation is pleased to announce the release of an extraordinary album, Steve Ferrone & Friends Live, which was recorded, mixed and mastered entirely with Tracktion 5 Music Production Software. The performance was recorded in Ribeauville, … Continue reading


Tracktion 5 Explained

Instructional Video Series from Goove3 Reveals All – Tracktion Software Corporation (TSC) has announced the release of a new series of instructional videos for Tracktion 5 (T5) Music Production Software. Continue reading


Tracktion V5.3 Available Now!

Beyond the mere bug fixes that would be expected, this new update is packed with a number of ground breaking features. With this release, the Tracktion design team has streamlined user workflow and enhanced creativity by expanding the functionality of the program’s tools. Continue reading


Moore for Tracktion

Dan Moore Joins Tracktion Development Team SEATTLE, WA (June 25, 2014) – Tracktion Software Corporation (TSC) has recently tapped Dan Moore for a key business development role involving its popular Tracktion Music Production Software brand. Moore spent several years with … Continue reading


Sound on Sound Reviews T5

“Serious Music Production Software… I Was Very Impressed… Not a ‘Me Too’ Recording Application” – John Walden, Sound on Sound, May 2014 Continue reading


T5 Has Arrived!

Enhanced Creativity  |  Optimized Performance  |  Unlimited Potential Tracktion Software Corporation is proud to announce the launch of Tracktion Version 5 (T5). This eagerly awaited update to the popular Tracktion recording application combines an intuitive workflow with a ground-breaking feature set … Continue reading


Tracktion Hits Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg

Arnhem, Netherlands (November 19, 2013) – The prominent BeNeLux-based magazine, MUSICMAKER, has just published a very positive review of the Tracktion 4 Music Production Software platform. Tracktion’s Dave Christenson commented, “We’ve been thankful for a lot of recent press attention … Continue reading


Drums & Percussion Magazine Reviews T4!

Europe’s prestigious Drums & Percussion (D&P) magazine has just released a glowing review of Tracktion Version 4 Music Production Software. This is the top drum-oriented journal in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece. The headline reads, “Greatly Sophisticated … Continue reading


Tracktion’s Refer-a-Friend Program

Seattle, WA (October 23, 2013) – Tracktion Software Corporation (TSC) has just announced a Refer-a-Friend program for their popular Tracktion Version 4 Music Production Software. The program is scheduled to begin immediately and end on December 1, 2013. During the … Continue reading


Germany’s KEYS Magazine T4 Review

Über-Popular German Music and Computer Journal Loves T4!  GERMANY (Magazine: Keys – Issue 9-2013) – “Tracktion is not only a low-price, beginner DAW, it is the archetype for anybody who wants to record valuable musical ideas quickly and directly. To me, … Continue reading


Review: Neyrinck V-Control 4 with Tracktion 4

Check out this review and video demo of V-Control Pro, by Nick Trass of He goes through a lot of the features showing connection and control of Tracktion 4. “I highly recommend V-Control Pro for anyone using both an … Continue reading


Tracktion Software Announces Linux Support

SEATTLE, WA (May 22, 2013) – Continuing the momentum that began with a brand re-launch and release of Tracktion 4 last January, followed by a recent bundling agreement with Behringer,  Tracktion Software Corporation(TSC) is pleased to announced yet another milestone for their popular music … Continue reading


Tracktion’s Julian Storer Named “Most Inspiring” At C++NOW 2013

(Photo: 2013 Best Session Winners (L-R) Andrew Sutton, Rob Stewart, Michael Ciasse and Julian Storer) ASPEN, CO, USA (May 17, 2013) – Tracktion Software Corporation founder, Julian Storer, was awarded the “Most Inspiring” Session at the recent C++NOW Conference held … Continue reading


Tracktion Plug-In Tip: Elastik

We’re extremely excited about Ueberschall’s latest sample player, called Elastik, which focuses on loop based libraries and a wide range of musical styles. Elastik enables a whole new way of understanding and working with loops by utilizing a unique wheel-like interface … Continue reading

Behringer bundle T4

BEHRINGER Bundles Up with Tracktion 4

Posted on April 10, 2013 by Sherry Lipp Powerful DAW offered free with select BEHRINGER gear 4/10/2013 — Tracktion 4, the newest generation of legendary Tracktion Music Production Software, is now bundled with a range of BEHRINGER interfaces, mixers and controllers. Effective May 1, 2013 … Continue reading


Manson Girls “Shattered” Demoed on Tracktion

Los Angeles (April 22, 2013) – Longtime Tracktion user, composer and musician, Glen Whoolery, recently placed a song called “Shattered” on the soundtrack for the upcoming feature film, Manson Girls. The track features vocals by Stacy Bargerstock. The soundtrack will … Continue reading

Japan’s ICON Magazine Tracktion Interview

カルト的人気を誇るDAW「Tracktion」が遂に復活! Tracktion Softwareスタッフに訊く、復活までの経緯と今後の展開(プレゼントもあります!) Report / 2013/02/24     先月開催されたNAMM Showでは、“ICON的注目の新製品”として第3位の「Gittler Guitar」、第2位の「XO Audio Xonami」を紹介しましたが、肝心の第1位の発表がまだでした……(遅れてしまってすみません!)。 NAMM Show 2013の“ICON的注目の新製品”、栄えある第1位に輝いたのは、ショーの初日に突如発表/リリースされたTracktion Softwareの「Tracktion 4」です! Tracktionについては説明するまでもないとは思いますが、つい先日までMackieが販売していたDAW。その優れたユーザー・インターフェースと軽快な動作で、世界中に多くのユーザーを抱え、カルト的な人気を誇るソフトウェアです。しかし残念ながら、ここ数年はロクにアップデートが行われず、最新のOSでは動作に不具合をきたすこともありました。Mackieもまったく売る気が無いようで、このままTracktionは葬り去られてしまうのか……と誰もが思っていたところにいきなりの復活。Tracktion Softwareという新会社が、「Tracktion 4」として販売を開始しました。この突然の復活劇に歓喜したユーザーは、きっと多いのではないでしょうか。 今回のNAMM Showでは、Tracktion Softwareはブースを構えていたわけではないのですが、会場向かいのMarriott Hotelでプライベート・デモを行っているとの情報をキャッチ。さっそくコンタクトを取り、リリースされたばかりの「Tracktion 4」を見せてもらいながら、今回の復活に至るまでの経緯と今後の展開について話を伺うことにしました。取材に応じてくれたのは、Tracktion Softwareのマーケティング担当のジェームス“ウッディ”ウッドバーン(James “Woody” Woodburn)氏と、セールス担当のデイヴ・クリステンソン(Dave Christenson)氏の二人。あと一人、今回のNAMM Showには来ていないプログラマーのジュリアン“ジュルス”ストーラー(Julian “Jules” Storer)を入れた三人で、Tracktion Softwareはスタートしたそうです。 64bit浮動小数点処理、最高192kHz対応、無制限のオーディオ/MIDIトラック、VST/AU/ReWireサポート、Mac/Windows対応とフル機能のDAWでありながら、59.95ドル(注:2013年2月23日時点でのレートで約5,600円!)という信じられない価格で販売されている「Tracktion 4」。この先9ヶ月〜1年の間に大きなバージョン・アップも予定されているというTracktionは、PreSonus Studio Oneと同じ“新世代のDAW”として、今後ユーザー数を一気に増やしていきそうな感じがします。 それでは発表/リリースの翌日(NAMM Show 2日目の2013年1月25日)に行ったTracktion … Continue reading


Neyrinck V-Control Pro for TRACKTION 4

Seattle, WA (February 28, 2013) – Tracktion Software Corporation (TSC) has announced a successful integration with the Neyrinck V-Control Pro iPad/iPad Mini control surface. V-Control Pro provides a fully-featured, multi-touch control surface for top media apps at a very affordable price. … Continue reading

twin lakes records

Twin Lakes Records Use Tracktion for Everything

North Branford, CT (February 13, 2013) – We were extremely pleased to discover that, in their words, our new friends at Twin Lakes Records, “use Tracktion for everything.” We’re especially pleased about this because their music is unbelievably good. We’re … Continue reading


The Miracle That is Tracktion

February 10, 2012 (Seattle, WA) – As posted on the public KVR Forum earlier today. We re-post this on our blog because we love both John’s enthusiasm and his music. Have a listen… Hello, I just wanted to let someone … Continue reading

Tracktion 4 Updates A Classic

The Popular, Single-Screen DAW Gains Universal Compatibility SEATTLE, WA – January 24, 2013 – Seattle-based Tracktion Software Corporation (TSC) announced the launch of Tracktion 4, the latest version of the digital audio workstation (DAW) platform the company purchased from LOUD Technologies … Continue reading


Tracktion’s New Home

Newly formed Tracktion Software Corporation takes ownership and launches all-new Tracktion 4 ANAHEIM, CA – January 24, 2013 – Mackie today announces the sale and transition of Tracktion Music Production Software to the Tracktion Software Corporation (TSC). TSC is led … Continue reading